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510-651-1190 ext 25004

Room 4

Intensive Instruction Special Day Class (IISDC)

5 Hours a day, Mon-Friday

Classes are from 8:30-1:30


Fridays:  All students come in at 8:30 and everyone goes home at 1:30.

Every first Wednesday of the month we all go to school at 8:30-11:30.

Teacher:  Juana “Jackie” Crawford


Para Educators:  April Scott, Peilin Lee, Kavita Yadav


Classroom Description: 

Our classroom is very structured. 

Each student has his/her picture schedule.

It is almost a teacher directed classroom.  

All activities have order and procedure.

Learning to learn is the main focus; following direction(s), taking turns, waiting, sharing toys, choosing from at least 2 options, book handling, fine and gross motor, and sensory development, playing with peer or peers, self-help (cleaning after playing and eating, attending to personal stuff) , using language to request, comment, object (no) or affirm (yes).   All these are learned through play, which is the main role of a preschool student “play”. 

I email parents at least 3 times a week for highlights of the day.  

If you need to talk with me, I am available, just make an appointment.  Email is the best way to communicate with me.

I would like your child to have fun in school.