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Jennifer Otrosina (she/her/hers)


Contact Information:


Office Phone: 510-651-1190 

Google Voice Text/Call: 650-569-1117

Office Hours: 8:15-2:15

 I have over 8 years of experience in providing assistance, guidance, and instruction to groups of students at risk or with recognized disabilities and providing a variety of instructional duties in support of student’s individual education programs(IEPS) and individualized family service plans (IFSPS).

I received my bachelor of art (B.A) in child development from California State University Los Angeles (CAL State LA).  Once I completed my bachelor’s degree, I decided to pursue a credential in conjunction with a master’s of art (M.A) in early childhood special education from CAL State LA as well. 

I currently work for Fremont Unified School District on the preschool assessment team conducting assessments and helping develop classroom goals for children who meet special education eligibility. I have previously taught a variety of special day classrooms (SDC) for preschoolers between three and five. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to meeting with you, getting to work with your children, and creating a collaborative relationship.


Extra Facts About Me :

Favorite Food- Anything that includes carbohydrates and is deep-fried

Favorite Animal- Sloth

Favorite preschool game: Hide and Seek